So here's an idea for a fd6 movie:

Cast:(I won't give last names cause i'm not that good making them up)

1.Zac Efron as Sean

2.Natalie Portman as Grace

3.Amanda Seyfried as Allison

4.Taylor Lautner as Thomas

5.Daniel Radcliffe as Andy

6.Emma Stone as Sherryll

7.Jake Gyllenhaal as William

6.Mila Kunis as Ivy

Opening Sequence:College

Some student is walking by the hallway and carries his lucky rock on the pocket, suddenly he stumbles at the concierge's cart and his lucky rock falls at the floor in front of the cart's wheel. Then Sean walks away and the concierge tries to pull the cart but cannot cause the rock. He then frustrated kicks the cart, spilling the alcohol, he without knowing about the alcohol pushes the cart one more time, making his lighter for cigarettes fall to the alcohol spill starting a fire that extends to the hallway and students scream and start to exit the college. Ivy is in the parking lot when the first explosion occurs and the lucky rock crashes into Ivy's car and getting into Ivy's mouth, and the rock is medium sized so it kills her. On the other side Sherryll tried to prank William knotting his feet to the chair while he sleeps so when he wakes up he falls, well she did it before the fire, so everybody starts to exit the class and while that a man operating a crane cause the college is being remodeled gets scared due another explosion so he accidentally pulls a lever and the crane spins crashing to the class where William and Sherryll are still in and the floor tilts so William wakes up and screams while he falls, crashing to the floor. Sherryll goes down the stairs but the fire expands so the building is weak and the stairs collapse, crushing her. On the other side, another class is being evacuated, but another explosion occurs and the building trembles causing a fan to get loose crushing Andy. Thomas is running through the stairs but a bulb of those that are like bar-like (comment if you know how's named) goes swinging and decapitates him. Allison is running heading to the exit but an explosion takes her, burning her. Grace and Sean are running trying to escape but a security guard's gun falls into the fire, cause the heat it shoots the bullets and one shoots at Grace in the chest. Finally Sean dies when the college collapses.

Reality: Sean wakes up and tries to evacuate her classmates but just convinces Grace, Allison and Andy. He goes to William and Sherryl's class and warns everybody, but then someone calls Fire! and everybody starts to run including Sherryll who unknots William's feet and wakes him. They all escape and while outside Sean goes to Ivy's car and takes her out of it when the first explosion occurs, and the rock falls into Ivy's car but Ivy was already out.

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