Nathan Clarke


  • I live in Abraham Grove, 180 on the corner of 23rd and 13th, North Bay, McKinley County
  • I was born on October 31
  • My occupation is Mortician at Daniel Evan Vil Funeral Home; to schedule an appointment, please call 180-666-1323
  • I am Male
  • Nathan Clarke

    Three days after the Mt.Abraham Art Museum Collapse, Victor, Chuck and Miranda go to Death by Caffine and discuss the events. Miranda said she found some articles about what happened. She said that 5 years before, the North Bay Bridge collapsed, but a man got his friends off, but they all died in terrible accidents. Similar events happened a month after that, when Flight 180 blew up, and a year later there was a major pile-up on Route 23. Chuck gets paranoid and leaves, leaving Victor and Miranda alone. Victor asks if anyone survived the events, and Miranda said that a woman named Kimberly Corman survived, along with a man named Tom Burke. Victor said that Kimberly was the daughter of one of his investors, Michael Corman. The two decided t…

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  • Nathan Clarke

    The movie starts with eccentric millionaire Victor Grayson with his best friend Chuck Stark and his fiancee Miranda Singer. The trio take the elavator to the 23th floor of the Mt. Abraham Art Museum, where about 20 other citizens are. All of a sudden, a plane crashes into the 21th floor. An explosion happens, blowing up CEO Ronald Kerrigan and Chef Regan Peters. A shred of metal flies arcoss the area, decapitating news anchor Alyssa Hamilton. Another explosion happens, engulfing Sheriff Branden Harris and analyst Selena Simmons in a wave of fire. The fire causes a T.V. to explode, decapitating Doctor Michelle Clarkson, and sending a piece into Colonel Richard Rayburn's chest. The building's structure begins to fail, causing it the become l…

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