Three days after the Mt.Abraham Art Museum Collapse, Victor, Chuck and Miranda go to Death by Caffine and discuss the events. Miranda said she found some articles about what happened. She said that 5 years before, the North Bay Bridge collapsed, but a man got his friends off, but they all died in terrible accidents. Similar events happened a month after that, when Flight 180 blew up, and a year later there was a major pile-up on Route 23. Chuck gets paranoid and leaves, leaving Victor and Miranda alone. Victor asks if anyone survived the events, and Miranda said that a woman named Kimberly Corman survived, along with a man named Tom Burke. Victor said that Kimberly was the daughter of one of his investors, Michael Corman. The two decided to pay her a visit. After explaining their dilemma, Kimberly decides to help. She asks if any of the survivors had died yet, which was a no. She then asked who died first in the premonition. Victor said that he didn't know, but knew the guy was the CEO Volee airlines. Kayla said that his name was Ronald Kerrigan.The three decide to pay him a visit. Across the city, Ronald is at his office building, where he gets paged by his assisstant to come down stairs. He gets up to use the elevator and presses the button as his phone rings. He begins talking on the phone to his father as the elevator doors open. Without looking, he steps into an empty shaft, and falls from the fourth floor into the basement. Incredibly, he survives, but with a broken leg. He struggles to get help, but the elevator cables snap, causing it to fall ten stories onto Ronald. Kimberly, Miranda and Victor arrive to hear the news. They decide to find the next survivor to die, but with one problem: they only know it's a woman, nothing else. They decide to search the city. An hour later, Regan Peters is at her job as executive chef at Le Cafe Micro 81. She complians about the heat, so she turns on the ceiling fan. Unknown to her, a large amount of dust has collected on the fan, and as it circulates, the dust falls into the pilot light. The dust begins to burn, and explodes, sending an oven rack towards Regan, cutting her in half at the waist.

The next installment will be soon.

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