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    December 4, 2011 by Nicho929

    Okay, so I'm perfectly fine where the series left off, going in full circle. Though, there are a few things they could really tie up, like explain Kim and Burke's deaths, as well as show some connection to FD 3 and TFD.

    Though they should change the storyline up a bit, cause we get it by now that everyone has to die.

    So in FD 6, they should do one of two options (IMO)

    1.) Have a disaster opening at a concert, boat, collapsing building, or an earthquake.

    Though, here is the twist, the person with the preminition doesn't die in the preminition, they live somehow and witness all the people dying. Now that he/she knows the fate of everyone, he/she is goodwilled enough to save as many people as possible...though in the process of saving people an…

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  • Nicho929

    So what reasons does everyone have for liking the FD series, I would just like to know.

    My reasons: 1>) creative deaths

    2.) Great thriller

    3.) Love the origionality, plot/storyline

    4.)The music

    5.) Meaning toward life and death

    6.) the hints of how people are going to die, and the number 180. It is fun to try and spot these little clues.

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  • Nicho929

    Okay so what makes the Final Destination Series so special, I want to know what everyone likes about the series in the comments below.....

    My Reasons: 1.) I love the origonality of the series. People are saying its not original as they made so many sequels, while i feel its still its own original idea. I like it better than the mass murderer movies, and that idea has been put into many films for sequels, for this series its origional.

    2.) I love the creative ways that people can die, I find it fun and intresting to watch how the deaths in this series happen. No, they may not be realistic if you put every logical test against it, but it can happen in some way, shape or form. These accidents can happen in life, but would probably be rare, but…

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  • Nicho929

    Okay so I thought of a new theory which kinda comes off my old theory.....

    So, how everyone says "its so obvious that Bludworth is death" "is he death" and stuff like that about the character....

    Well what if bludworth really is Death. Like in the novels how death can take human form, that would be perfect. And just like my old idea, bludworth/ aka death in human form is the one giving premenitions in order to give people a second chance, to see if they would fight to live or something, just a fun game for death.

    So I imagined how this would work in FD5 and here is what I came up with...

    (refering to the scene when bludworth grabs a knife in front of Molly, and she screams):

    Molly is the last living survivor, and Bludworth slowly walks toward M…

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  • Nicho929

    Ideas for FD 5 to 7

    June 22, 2011 by Nicho929

    So I thought of how they could make the next 3 films just as awsome. It was said FD6 and 7 would be made back to back if FD5 was a hit. Since they made FD 5, i'll talk about what I think is going to happen...

    FD 5: Opening: bridge then i feel Issac will die first. This is when Bloodworth presents himself to pick up Issac's body, and tells the survivors whats going to happen. Then, Candice, then Olivia die. So, they meet with Bloodworth again. He tells them how to beat death. He says only new life can defeat death, but ppl in FD 2 misunderstood. He explains more to this idea, only a new life can defeat death(taking a new life, a sacrifice, will save the person that killed a person never meant to die). Kill or be killed. Then Dennis, Nathan, …

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