Okay, so I'm perfectly fine where the series left off, going in full circle. Though, there are a few things they could really tie up, like explain Kim and Burke's deaths, as well as show some connection to FD 3 and TFD.

Though they should change the storyline up a bit, cause we get it by now that everyone has to die.

So in FD 6, they should do one of two options (IMO)

1.) Have a disaster opening at a concert, boat, collapsing building, or an earthquake.

Though, here is the twist, the person with the preminition doesn't die in the preminition, they live somehow and witness all the people dying. Now that he/she knows the fate of everyone, he/she is goodwilled enough to save as many people as possible...though in the process of saving people and screwing up their fates, he/she screwed up his/hers by staying behind to help people escape and he dies in the disaster!

Now somehow, maybe Bludworth, tells the survivors about the kill or be killed theory. and the survivors realise "somehow" that the one who died for all of them wasn't suppose to die. Bludworth tells the survivors that because he/she died, one of the survivors could get hers/his life, leaving out the rest of the life the preminist was suppose to have. Problem is only one of the survivors can have it.

Throughout the movie, one survivor could help death out by putting the survivors in harms way hoping to kill them off quicker so that person would get the new life. Someone could just try killing another innocent person instead, like FD5. Also none of the survivors would know the order they are going to die, as the preminisonist is dead.

2.) Or, another idea would do something along the lines of what Valentine's day/New Year's Eve did, follow multiple stories of people that cheated death... and it could be people whose deaths were intervined by past survivors of the other FD disasters. THis could tie together all the movies in a way, and death would be tieing up lose ends.. like just by the past survivors being alive it caused a ripple what was done with FD2, but fallowing different storylines.

I personnally like choice number 1, but choice number 2 shows some good potential

And I would like to see Somehow the deaths of KIM and BURKE revealed, Bludworth stating how there are many theories to avoiding death, and something to connect the past films together, or make them important to the series.

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