Okay so I thought of a new theory which kinda comes off my old theory.....

So, how everyone says "its so obvious that Bludworth is death" "is he death" and stuff like that about the character....

Well what if bludworth really is Death. Like in the novels how death can take human form, that would be perfect. And just like my old idea, bludworth/ aka death in human form is the one giving premenitions in order to give people a second chance, to see if they would fight to live or something, just a fun game for death.

So I imagined how this would work in FD5 and here is what I came up with...

(refering to the scene when bludworth grabs a knife in front of Molly, and she screams):

Molly is the last living survivor, and Bludworth slowly walks toward Molly. As Bludworth talks to her, a montage of moments from the past movies are shown relavent to the conversation.

flashing between montage and conversation----Bludworth: "They say death can be the shadowy figure in the night (the shadow seen in FD), a strong wind(the cemetary wind in FD3, and the wind at speedway Nick only feels), it could really be the things you see or hear around you(the voice from the devil, and subway in FD3). Now wouldn't you say death, is alot like the world's mortition, collecting bodies to despose of...."

Molly starts moving backward concerned, as Bludworth grabs the knife

Bludworth: "They also said death can take on human form, and when death needs a body, he needs one now. So whats it going to be Molly, I need a body, either yours or someone elses to take your place..."

The stove right next to Molly blazes up, and she falls to the ground in horror, just than a strong wind comes by and she looks to where Bludworth once stood, gone with the wind. She runs quickly out of the kitchen as the wind puches the fire onto the wine racks. She gets out of the resturant as the whole kitchen explodes behind her.

I was thinking she would kill Agent Jim Block inorder to save her life. Then she would be arrested by other cops, seeing Bludworth standing in a crowd of people. Nobody else but Molly can see him, and she scream at Bludworth, the cops thinking she's crazy. Molly is safe from dying, but she's going to jail.

Bludworth turns and walks down the street, and eventually vanishes..

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