Okay so what makes the Final Destination Series so special, I want to know what everyone likes about the series in the comments below.....

My Reasons: 1.) I love the origonality of the series. People are saying its not original as they made so many sequels, while i feel its still its own original idea. I like it better than the mass murderer movies, and that idea has been put into many films for sequels, for this series its origional.

2.) I love the creative ways that people can die, I find it fun and intresting to watch how the deaths in this series happen. No, they may not be realistic if you put every logical test against it, but it can happen in some way, shape or form. These accidents can happen in life, but would probably be rare, but some have been reported of happening. Even though a human isn't made of jello, the object cutting through them would still kill them but in a less dramatic motion, but hey thats hollywood

3.) I love the little hints stored in these movies about upcoming deaths. I like how 180 is seen all over the place, and it makes the movies fun to spot the little hints each time.

4.) I like the thrill these movies give off. The showing of explosions, and disaster makes for a great thriller and its exciting to watch. I always liked that about these movies, keeping it dramatic and epic, never really boring for me.

5.) I like how there is meaning behind it all. Life is short, and the sad realization that everyone will die and you can't cheat death. The film can be great at creating fear in alot of places, and the fight between life and death is evident in the series. Life can be gone in the blink of an eye. and I love those short moments in the series that really makes the struggle for life evident as well. It's a confusing feeling to discuss, but it's there if your really into the idea of the series.

6.) The whole idea of Final Destination. I love the plot, and the filming of it. The music is awesome too. I like all the ideas that were created about how to cheat death, and all the rules of cheating death. I can't wait for FD5!

Now. What do you like about the Final Destination Series? (Don't hold back, I don't judge)

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