sorry about the delay in posts been fairly busy any time to continue where i left off.

Sam- she leaves the dining room after hearing the lamp explotion that killed John. when she enters the kitchen and freaks out when she sees his body. no one has noticed that a shard of the exploding lamp has slashed a through the wire holding up the kitchen light fixture. As Sam moves closer the wire gives way and falls but Rob pulls her away and saves her. by now the kitchen has caught fire and Kenzie, Rob, Sam, Aidan, Ryan, and Lindsey escape outside leaving sammy unconious in the kitchen.

Kenzie- they are infront of the house now and taking a head count. the group realize they left Sammy inside and Kenie goes around to the kitchen window to see if she can spot her. John's home is at the bottom of a hill. there is a cable truck parked at the top. when the trucker loads his tool box it shakes the truck causing the clutch to shift into nuetral and speed down the hill. Lindsey sees it coming and pulls Kenzie out of the way at the last second.

Sammy- the truck plows into the kitchen and the flames begin to engulf it. Ryan uses this new hole in the wall to jump in the home and finds Sammy out cold on the floor. he scoops her up and brings her outside. then the group takes off and moments later the house explodes.

Yazzy- she is on the tenth floor off the FBI building and is watching the world pass her by through shatter proof glass. an officer is watching her when he drops his penil, which rolls away quicky. "damb slanted floors!" he proclaims. he takes out a new pencil and continues wraiting at the desk and drinking his coffee. there is a peeping noise and he spills his coffee on himself. he swears and pushes away knocking the lock off the wheel on the desk . he leaves the room and lockes it so she can't escape. the desk begins to roll knocking into another desk and another until there is a wall of desks sliding at Yazzy. she tries to dodge them by pressing herself against the shatter proof window. the window gives way under her weight and she falls ten stories to her death.

that is all for now stay tuned for the last three parts and comment i need more ideas. thanks for reading

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