It's been 2 months since the SS Mckinley was reported missing at sea

Hirshie- she has become an alcoholic and has just gotten into her jachoozi which flows into her pool. she has left a wine glass on the counter waiting for her boy friend to arrive. so she is enjoying the warm water and drinking when a breeze blows throught the house and the blowing curtain knocks the the wine glass of the counter. she puts down the glass of wine but carries the bottle with her as she goes to investigate. she walks towards the back door but slips on the water that has been leaking out of the jachoozi and she hits her head on the ledge of the pool. she has dropped the bottle of wine and it has shattered. pulling her self off the ground she staggers a few steps forward only to slip on a piece of the shattered wine bottle. This causes her to fall backwards hitting her head on the jachoozi and and she slides into the pool were she is found the next morning

Micah- He is the womanizer. as he goes to meet Kenzie and some of the other survivors, he is walking along the side walk close to some parked cars. Suddenly a car comes speeding around a corner just missing him and causeing him to back up towards a van with a surf board on the roof. a police car in parsuit comes speeding around the same coner and side swipes the van causing the surf board to swing around at high speeds shattering his spine and killing him.

Gorth- He is the pervert. he works at a pop bottling plant loading the trucks. one of the machine malfunctions shaking the pop bottle and building the pressure but a second malfunction turns it off just in time for Gorth not to notice and load them onto the truck. the truck has been parked so one of the back tires is slightly raised. this final displacement of wait slides the tire back into the slot causing the whole truck to shake. stack of pop fall over and he is tossed into the corner of the truck. one of the cases falls on to the shook up cases causing it to explode and send a flying bottle cap in to his open mouth. he chokes on it

please comment and check my future blogs for more death ideas

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