So in my last blog I ended it with Colin exploding inside a car and now the after math

Ryan- he is pushed out of the way of a license plate that would have went throught his head, so death skips him.

Lindsay- is tackled by Rob so the car door that would have crushed her misses her.

Felly- she is a total adreniline junky. She returns home to find her friend Yazzy waiting for her with a loaded revolver. Yazzy goes on the what's the point in living speech and how they should have all stayed on the ship before turning the gun on herself. she begins to pull the trigger but Felly is able to talk her out of it and take the gun away, now the feeling in the room changes to the hope of beating death. Felly then tosses the gun away not realizing the release had become jammed and as the gun hits the table it releases firing the gun, sending a bullet through Felly's head killing her.

John- the remaining survivors are at his house, minus Yazzy who was arrested for killing Felly, and are talking about the ability to beat death a second time. Kenzie, the one who had the vision, explains that death always seems to give her signs of who is next and Bludworth is fasinated by this so he leaves to do research. John is in the kitchen with Sam N, he shows her his new lava lamp before setting it by the stove. As he cooks he accidently burns himself and drops the pan on the floor. As he and Sam N clean up the mess he bumps the counter causing the lava lamp to fall off it's stand and roll onto the burner, which is still on. John gets up from cleaning as the lamp explodes sending a glass shard into his heart killing him

Rob- He went into the kitchen just before the lamp explodes. Kenzie pulls him out of the way of flying glass that would have went through is eye and throat.

Please comment and watch out for future blogs with more death ideas

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