Here is my idea for the possibble starting disater for fd 6:

the whole film takes place in 1978. Kenzie and her half brother Aiden along with their friends Felly, Lindsay, Micah and John are about to take a cruize on the SS McKinley, named after the founder of the cruize line, it is the 180th ship biult in the company. kenzie has alway's hated anything to do with the ocean and is only there becuase her friends convinced her to go. after a day at sea she begins to settle down and enjoy the cruize, mean while Aiden sneeks down to the bioler room to meet a girl, Sam P. and they make out. while they are doing this the bioler over heats and explodes starting a chain reaction. Aiden and Sam P are killed it the explosion, on the sky deck a girl, Yazzy is knock over the ledge in the panic and is sucked into the propeller. hirshie is running and is crushed by falling ship parts. there is an all you can eat buffett and hawian theme night going on in the dinning area. the buffett is shaken loose and slides down crushing people including Cam and Gorth. One of the flame dancers poles also is sent flying impaling Rob. in the main strip every thing is falling apart, Fish tanks break electricuting Ryan, Madison and Colin, high tension wires snap slicing Sam N and John in half. From the arcade a pin ball machine is knocked loose and slide down the strip Micah doges the Machine only to have the cord wrap strangle him, the machine then slides into Lindsay crushing her. A chandellier falls from the ceiling crushing Felly and finally Kenzie is tossed into the wall and can only watch as a jagged end of the chandellier slides towards her. Then she wakes up as they are boarding the boat and gets her friends and everyone behind them kicked of the Cruize after starting a fight.

This is part 1 please tell me what you think and stay tuned for characters deaths after the disaster on my blog

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