Final Destination is a tv series focusing on the a young enginering student a young reporter.


Henry Beringer, a young engineer, goes to his house after doing the shoppings with his family. The Route to home is blocked by a tree, and they need to cross a bridge that was the scene of several accidents. He don't want to cross the bridge and has the feeling that something is going to happen. He suddendly has a vision about an accident that makes the bridge to collapse. Trying to avoid the accident he prevents the passage of some vehicles in the meantime several other cars pass the bridge. Sometime after the bridge start collapsing. Making part of the the earth in the sides of the bridge give way, since many pipes end up breaking with the fall of the bridge, causing several cars to go to a river. The collapse of the bridge had 200 casualties.

Three weeks later, Henry and one of the survivor, Stefani, witnesses the death of two survivors, the mayor and his wife. After that Henry and Stefani try to save the next survivor from the death.

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