Final Destination 6 could be coming. Should we have it? 
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I think there should be a Final destination 6. It would be great to have another great movie after The Final Destination messed up badly(it wasn't so bad). So, sholuld it be a prequel to FD5, a sequel to it, or a sequel to TFD?

If it is a prequel to Final Destination 5, it could happen because William Bludworth said in FD5 that he experienced things like the bridge collapse before. However, how do you make a prequel to a prequel?

If it is a sequel to FD5, it could happen just because it can. Only problem: This would be similar to the Star Wars prequels. 

If it is a sequel to TFD, it would be cool because it could be a make up sequel after the problems with TFD. But, it would probably not work out that much and Tony Todd might not be in it. However, I think FD6 should be a sequel to TFD.

That's all for my thoughts for FD6. What do you think?