• Scissorluv97

    I've got one but it's not that great.

    Jenna Koleman (an aspiring highschool journalist) rides the Silver Bullet train with Best friend Lucy Chang, sister Emily Koleman, boyfriend Alex Zapp, friend Toby Marshall, Rival Karina Summers, Jason Barrett, CEO Alice Wilson, and engineer Ryder Farris. Jenna sees odd warning signs while boarding the train (Lights flicker, gust of wind, pigeon crashes into a window making a dent) she has a premonition about the train crashing and killing everyone on it. Jenna screaming about the premonition causes Toby, Alex and Jason to get into a brawl, Ryder and Alice force the group of teens off (including Emily) and try to contact authorities. Just as they get of the train, it starts to explode as Jenna predicted…

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