here we go: All the people in the vision were either hit by something, blown out the window, or incinerated. so, no need to cover that.

Tod Waggner-asphyxiation, one of the more suffering ways to die. takes a long time.

Terry Chaney-um, OW? would have hurt, but death would have been almost immediate.

Valerie Lewton-long, suffering death. bloody, severed jugular AND carotid, then a knife shoved through her chest. oh, yeah, and her house exploded. which doesn't really count anyway.

Billy Hitchcock-poor Billy. his brain was among one of the things cut off, so it would have hurt like hell for a fraction of a second, but death came almost immediately.

Carter Horton-WHAM! death may or may not have been immediate.

Alex Browning-death immediate. may or may not have been painless.

Clear Rivers-ouch. but still, quick death.

So, had you been the one suffering Alex's premonition, would you have intervened or not? which way would have spared the suffering?

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