let's review: Sam Lawton-in vision, dies by bisection (technically VERY impossible in that scenario) perhaps not entirely immediate death. Incinerated in Flight 180 explosion, so that was painful. But quick.

Molly Harper-doesn't die in vision.

Candice Hooper-in vision, her death would have taken up to a minute or two before she was entirely dead, during which she would feel the immense pain of having been impaled on a sailtboat mast. back snapped many ways, leg bones also appear to be sticking out. her hand twitches in the scene, so perhaps she wasn't completely dead yet.

Isaac Palmer-violent force in vision death. may not have died immediately, in which case, much suffering ensues. with all the needles involved in his actual death, the process was undoubtedly VERY painful.

Olivia Castle-vision death was probably immediate. i don't even want to talk about her actual death. poor, beautiful woman. Brutal death.

Dennis Lapman-ouch. hot tar. actual death was quick, with that wrench to the face.

Peter Friedkin-vision death, was probably dead when the pipe went through his head, although it's possible he was still semi-aware up until he jaw-slammed the edge of the bridge support. actual death, meat spit, must have been agony.

Nathan Sears-violently slammed off of bridge when support cable snapped. death was immediate and likely painless. the same goes for his actual death.

So, here's what I want to know: If you were the visionary instead of Sam, would you have chosen to let the collapse occur as it would have, or escape with your friends, based on how brutally they would have died? leave me your opinions!

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