In the final destination series, there have been a number of deaths that have to deal with the eye.

Final Destination 2- Evan Lewis Ladder

Slips on spaghetti and lands on back with ladder above head. Ladder lowers and impales his eye.

Final Destination 4- Sam Lane Rock

Best Death of the worst Movie!

Walks out of barber shop after saying Ive Got My Eye On You Two to her kids. Only to have a rock fly up into her eye after going through a lawn mower.

Final Destination 5- Olivia Castle LAZER
Olivia's eye

Olivia has lasers burn her eye during a laser eye surgery. Friends find her and she slips on the teddy bear eye see previously ripped out of nervousness. She crashes through a window and falls several feet to a car below. Her eye pops out only to get run over by 2 more cars.

Final Destination 5- Dennis Lapman Wrench
Death of Dennis Lapman

A wrench is forced into Dennis's head, killing him.

Sander blasts wrench at Dennis's head unexpectedly making it cram into his scull the long way.

I need to know which is the best.

I will give the results of the poll on Saturday December 17th, 2011

Happy Voting and Happy Panda :-3

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