Youve had a week of voting for who has the best EYE death in the series of final destination. Your choices were:

  • Dennis Lapman wrench to eyes
  • Samantha Lane rock to eye
  • Olivia Castle Laser eye surgery, fall out window and land on car popping her eye out for it to be run over
  • Evan Lewis ladder eye impale

The results are in

  • For bronze medal- a two way tie between Olivia Castle laser and Dennis Lapman wrench- both 15%
  • For silver medal- Evan Lewis ladder impale to eye- 31%
  • For GOLD medal- Samantha Lane rock to eye- 39%

Thanks for voting for who has the best eye death. There will not be another voting segement till the first saturday of the new year which is Saturday January 7th, 2012

Happy Holidays and Happy Panda :-3

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