• SmartSlowpoke
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  • SmartSlowpoke

    Marcy Ramirez is a 22 year old college student living her best friend Ariel Winston. One day she goes to a parade on 86th Street where she sees a number of bad omens. She attempts to brush it off and enjoy her day. That is until she spaces out. She receives a all too realistic vision of a water tank atop one of the buildings collapsing over the street.

    The metal tank kills multiple civilians and, as the tank bursts, the water claims many more. Parade floats begin to tip over and all she can hear are the screams of the attendees. Battered and bruised she resurfaces and clings to a shop's sign. She lets out one final scream when she witnesses an electrical cable snap and fly towards her. Just as the cable is about to strike she is brought ba… Read more >

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