• Sroczynski

    I'm afraid this is not the last attack of Pie, so lets make a record of our profile page! If he destroy our profile page again, then we can change it back easily. No matter how "powerful" he is, he couldn't delete our blog, right?!

    My name is Sroczynski, and I'm from Hong Kong. I like to edit wikia, especially Final Destination Wiki and Lostpedia . I'm also the admin of Lostpedia(Chinese) and Final Destination Wiki(Chinese). I have lots of experience on editing wikia, and I like to create template. In addition, I'm a big fans of Final Destination series. I like to collect the stills(of course in high-definition and no trademark!) from the movies, and I even searching them every day to see if there are any stills that still not in my collect…

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  • Sroczynski

    1. Alex's full name was Alex Theodore Browning, please read his page to find the reason. And don't change it back to Alexander Chance Browning before reading it.

    2. Title is title, link is link. There is no need to change the title to a link, as links should only on the articles.

    3. Not all the characters whose death appear in TFD's opening credit, also consider them appeared in the movie. Only Erin, Lewis, Clear, and maybe a few others consider appeared in the movie, because it actually shown their death in archive footage. In addition, characters appeared in archive footage is consider them appeared in the movie.

    4. No need to put the characters under the "Category: Characters", as they already put in it if the page had an character infobox. T…

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  • Sroczynski

    I hate those people who keep changing the characters names, like from Tim to Timothy, Hunt to Hunter, Nick to Nicholas, Terry to Theresa, Kat to Katherine, Alex to Alexander...etc. Unless the movies had mentioned, or just leave them as what credited!!! Because, why can't her name just simply Kat and not Katherine? Why can't his name just simply Hunt and not Hunter? So, stop changing the characters names, OK?

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  • Sroczynski

    I've seen there are tons of rubbish edits here, and most of them are funny

    1. Keep adding "|}" at the bottom of the main page.

    • Why do you guys keep adding this? The "|}" will shown at the bottom of the main page!

    2. Keep putting the first "* (character name)" back to "</center>"

    • I don't want to explain this, it's the most silly edit I've ever seen!

    3. Keep putting the "}}" back to the "Image of (character name)" in the infobox.

    • Why you guys keep put it back? It's pointless! Nothing will change whatever the "}}" is under the "Image of (character name)" or not! Another silly edit I've never seen before!

    4. Change the movie's name to "Italic type" in the infobox.

    • Actually, it's not really necessary to change them.

    5. Put a "c." before the year of birt…

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