1. Alex's full name was Alex Theodore Browning, please read his page to find the reason. And don't change it back to Alexander Chance Browning before reading it.

2. Title is title, link is link. There is no need to change the title to a link, as links should only on the articles.

3. Not all the characters whose death appear in TFD's opening credit, also consider them appeared in the movie. Only Erin, Lewis, Clear, and maybe a few others consider appeared in the movie, because it actually shown their death in archive footage. In addition, characters appeared in archive footage is consider them appeared in the movie.

4. No need to put the characters under the "Category: Characters", as they already put in it if the page had an character infobox. This happened on the locations pages too.

5. Unless stated otherwise by the shows producers, except the movies, others stuff like novels and comics are consider non-canon.

Please, these are simply rules. It's really annoying to change Alex's name back to what it supposed to be again and again. So please read this before editing anymore thing about these, thank you.

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