I've seen there are tons of rubbish edits here, and most of them are funny

Main page

1. Keep adding "|}" at the bottom of the main page.

  • Why do you guys keep adding this? The "|}" will shown at the bottom of the main page!

2. Keep putting the first "* (character name)" back to "</center>"

  • I don't want to explain this, it's the most silly edit I've ever seen!

Characters pages

3. Keep putting the "}}" back to the "Image of (character name)" in the infobox.

  • Why you guys keep put it back? It's pointless! Nothing will change whatever the "}}" is under the "Image of (character name)" or not! Another silly edit I've never seen before!

4. Change the movie's name to "Italic type" in the infobox.

  • Actually, it's not really necessary to change them.

5. Put a "c." before the year of birth or year of death.

  • Are you guys serious? Is this really necessary?

6. Keep marking Larry was the school principal.

  • What the hell? He is the french teacher! And not principal!

7. Keep marking Blake was Carrie's sister.

  • Their surname are same, doesn't mean they are sisters. There are million people whose surname are Jackson, so are they all related to Michael Jackson?

Is there anyone has seen other silly edits here? Tell me, I really want to know are there any more, they make my day. lol

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