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    Hi, i'm from Malaysia and I am a big fan of the Final Destination series and it has inspired me to write a story.

    The rain poured heavily as the Half Circle Express Bus was driving around Bukit Merah Road. There are 40 people in the bus. Among them were students from Dato' Bijaya Setia Secondary School. Their names were Shawn Seth, Wilson Chin, Natalie Greyson, Kevin Ronald, Alice Ronald, Hannah Sander, Harry Mossi and Chong Lee.

    Shawn was looking out the window when Wilson suddenly tapped his shoulder behind his seat. 'Hey, Shawn. Can I sit in front with you?', he asked. 'Sure.' Shawn replied and Wilson jumped into the seat in front of him. 'So, how's it going with Natalie?' questioned Wilson jokingly. 'Shut up, Wilson.' repied Shawn swiftl…

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