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    A subway crashes with a ton of people in it. But, only 9 survive because of 1 vision. Now, death wants revenge. So one by one, the 9 survivors will die in freak accidents.

    You can't cheat death.

    Ron Stevenson

    Cassidy Stevenson

    Troy Dets

    Alexah Hager

    Josh Maynor

    Karen Zedanne

    Daniel Rochs

    Travis Stevenson

    Chance Grauper

    Posted: December 3, 2012

    The story starts off with a brother, Ron Stevenson and a sister Cassidy Stevenson and friends Troy Dets, Alexah Hager, and Josh Maynor having lunch.

    "So, figured out which college your gonna enroll in?" Alexa asked Cassidy.

    "I don't know, me and Ron can't agree on anything." Cassidy replied.

    "You should choose one with a beach. Best place to go after classes. And an even awesome place to check out the ladies." Troy…

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