A subway crashes with a ton of people in it. But, only 9 survive because of 1 vision. Now, death wants revenge. So one by one, the 9 survivors will die in freak accidents.

You can't cheat death.


Ron Stevenson

Cassidy Stevenson

Troy Dets

Alexah Hager

Josh Maynor

Karen Zedanne

Daniel Rochs

Travis Stevenson

Chance Grauper





Chapter 1: The Deadly Crash

Posted: December 3, 2012

The story starts off with a brother, Ron Stevenson and a sister Cassidy Stevenson and friends Troy Dets, Alexah Hager, and Josh Maynor having lunch.

"So, figured out which college your gonna enroll in?" Alexa asked Cassidy.

"I don't know, me and Ron can't agree on anything." Cassidy replied.

"You should choose one with a beach. Best place to go after classes. And an even awesome place to check out the ladies." Troy said chiming in.

"I was gonna choose one by the beach too, but Ron didn't like it since he could get a sun burn." Said Cassidy.

"Hey, I don't blame you, this f*** head doesn't know anything about picking a good college." Said Trey insulting Ron.

"Oh yeah, what makes me such a f*** head?" Troy asked Ron.

"You don't know one thing about choosing a college. The college I went to was so great, I wanted to stay there for spring break." Troy said.

"Well you already had 1 year of college. I want my first year of college to perfect." Ron said.

Troy is 1 year older then all of his friends. That explains why he already attended 1 full year of college.

"Well we won't even get into a college if we don't choose one now." Cassidy said.

After the rude exchange of words between Troy and Ron, Josh looked over to his watch and saw he and his friends were gonna be late for the subway.

"Guys, we better get going now of we want to catch the first subway to the new opening of the mall." Josh said informing his friends.

Cassidy then looked over to her watch and saw they were gonna be late.

"Crap. It's almost one o'clock? We better get going now I need that new bikini." Cassidy said as she grabbe her stuff as well did her friends.

"And I really need to see you in that bikini." Said Troy as he fist pounded Josh because of the joke.

"Shut up." Alexa said slapping Troy since he was her boyfriend.

As Ron quickly ran with his friends he saw a quite disturbing billboard sign which had a picture of a crashed subway and that said; "Make sure to get it inspected before you operate." When he saw it, he stopped walking and couldn't take his eyes off it.

"Hey Ron, you coming or what?" Cassidy yelled since they were already far away from him.

"Oh yeah, I-I'm coming," Ron replied. "Just got distracted."


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