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    Hi guys. I'm new but I was just reading some of the other users' fanon ideas about FD6 and/or FD7 and here's what I got to say - mostly every single scary thing has happened in the movies, so to have a trainwreck preminition would be boring because a train accident already happened in FD3. Here is the list -

    • Airplanes (main premonition in FD, though was brought back in the ending of FD5, but just to confirm it was a prequel to FD)

    NOTE: Now, mostly all of the FD deaths have nothing in them that viewers would be really scared of, such as being strangled by a wire, being hit by a speeding bus, blowing up in your own house, being decapitated by a flying train wire, being hit by a sign, so those will not be listed)

    • Large Trucks (main premonition in…

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