Hi guys. I'm new but I was just reading some of the other users' fanon ideas about FD6 and/or FD7 and here's what I got to say - mostly every single scary thing has happened in the movies, so to have a trainwreck preminition would be boring because a train accident already happened in FD3. Here is the list -

Scary Things That Have Already Happened

  • Airplanes (main premonition in FD, though was brought back in the ending of FD5, but just to confirm it was a prequel to FD)

NOTE: Now, mostly all of the FD deaths have nothing in them that viewers would be really scared of, such as being strangled by a wire, being hit by a speeding bus, blowing up in your own house, being decapitated by a flying train wire, being hit by a sign, so those will not be listed)

  • Large Trucks (main premonition in FD2)
  • Ladders (Evan's death)

(Tim was crushed by a huge falling glass pane, which merely never happens)

  • Elevators (Nora's death)
  • Chainsaws (Kat's death)
  • Electric/Barb Wire Fences (Rory's death)

(Clear and Eugene exploded in a hospital room, and hospital rooms do not really scare people)

  • Grills/BBQ's (Brian's death)
  • Rollercoasters (main premonition in FD3)
  • Tanning in Tanning Beds (Ashlyn and her Friend's death; Sorry, I forgot the second one's name)

(Mr. Cheeks ((JK)) was carved in the back of the head by a car AC fan, which almost no one in the world is afraid of happening)

  • Weights (Lewis's death)
  • Nails/Nailguns (Erin's death)
  • Fireworks (almost killed Ian)

(once again, falling signs do not scare many people, which a falling sign caused Ian's death)

  • Trains (ending premonition of FD3)
  • Speeding Cars (main premonition of FD4)

(Carter from FD3 was dragged along the road and caught on fire and then sliced in pieces, this does not scare pretty much anyone in the world)

  • Rockets (though not really, a miniature missle rocket caused Jonathan's death)
  • Swimming Poll (Hunt's death)
  • Escalators (premonition Nick had of Lori's death)

(George was hit by a speeding bus, which alot of people wouldn't find scary)

  • Semi Trucks (ending scene of FD4)
  • Bridges (main premonition of FD5)
  • Backflips/Flips (some/alot of people are afraid of doing these, and it causes Candice's death)
  • Needle Massage (Eric's death)
  • Hooks (Ron's death)
  • Hammers (Dennis's death)
  • Killers/Murderers (the Police Officer/Peter's death)
  • Airplane Parts (not really that many people are afraid of falling plane parts, but it causes Nathan's death)

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