aka Miracle Nelson

  • I live in Orlando, Florida
  • I was born on December 5
  • My occupation is School (College)
  • I am Female Duh
  • Tami34

    Every spring break, almost every school in Lousiana have a Spring Spreak Party. During the party, all the high schoolers can enter a speed boat race to win $100,000. Easton goes to this party with his close friends Dahlia, Evan and Sarah. Dahlia comes up with the idea of entering the race and Evan comes up with the idea of splitting the money, if they win. Easton was kind of worried about entering due to many of the racers play dirty and cheat. Eventually Easton agrees with Dahlia about entering the race having Dahlia, Evan, and Sarah as passengers. This year fifty speed boats would be racing at the same time ranking the most speed boats to date. Easton was ready to race, when he looks over and see's a guy drinking beer, guys igniting fireā€¦

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