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  • I live in India
  • I was born on July 23
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  • Tanya AZian
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    See more :- cast  and  visionary introduction 

    Similar to Final Destination 2 opening.Except it takes place in Aaron's hotel room in Hotel Le Plaza while Erica is sleeping with him.And a woman's voice (revealed to be Wendy ) is whispering Aaron's name into his ears,he wakes up and sees a news about the 14th anniversary of Flight 180

    Tourism announcer :-  Good morning tourists,we will be leaving for Signal De Botrange hill shortly.Please assemble to the tour bus after finishing breakfast as we will be leaving immediately.

    Aaron : Hey,Larry. Just wanted to say that thanks for bringing us to Brussels.Nice way to spend our Summer.

    Larry : No need to thank me for that.Just did my thing because we all needed a  vacation .

    Aaron :- A vacation away fr…

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  • Tanya AZian

    (The main characters are seen entering the bus)

    Aaron (Off-screen voice) : You all might have heard about the premonitions that happened since 15 years.....

    (At the signal de botrange,there is a heavy snowing happening,a loud thunder is heard)

    Aaron : Do you feel that ?

    Jake : What ?

    Aaron : Something's wrong.

    (We see the premonition part where we see Amber falliing,a truck about to fall on some one ,Aaron swimming inside the floods and Ned about to get hit by rocks,it later flashes out to Aaron looking around with big eyes and sweating.)


    (The clips of the actual floods are shown,the survivors are seen fea…

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  • Tanya AZian

    My version of the cllimax of FD India ,it will have little similarities with the FD3 and FD5 Endings

    After Aditi's death,Samar (Ali Zafar) meets up with Nikita (Taapsee Pannu) and Alvira (Harshita Gaur) at the St.Andrews church in graveyard,where a remembrance is going on for the christian casualities of the floods.Nikhil meets them and tells them about the theories of death.He even asks if Samar maybe the last one on the list,Samar replies that he doesn't know,depending on whether his order is intervened or not.Nikhil tells him that he doesn't care anymore and suddenly starts shooting at him,Nikita and Alvira.Nikita and Alvira hide in the church whil…

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  • Tanya AZian


    "Oh No!!!! Wendy, you can't do this to me!!!! Please Wake up!!!! Please!!!! I need you!!!!"

    Aaron,after finding Wendy dead.

    Aaron Keating is the main protagonist and visionary of Final Destination 6.He has a premonition of the landslide at Signal De Botrange in Brusells,Belgium.

    He is the remaining survivor of the landslide because 'New Life'.

    "I know you would'nt believe me,But you all might have heard of Flight 180 incident that happened 15 years ago today"

    Aaron,about his vision

    Aaron Keating is a 4th year college student at Hollis University.He is smart,strong-willed,maverick and caring.It was also revealed that in his adolescence years he was bipolar and was addicted to Vicodin drug.He also revealed at the age of 15  when he saw a new…

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