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Opening Credits

Similar to Final Destination 2 opening.Except it takes place in Aaron's hotel room in Hotel Le Plaza while Erica is sleeping with him.And a woman's voice (revealed to be Wendy ) is whispering Aaron's name into his ears,he wakes up and sees a news about the 14th anniversary of Flight 180

Final Destination 2 (2003) Opening Credits03:29

Final Destination 2 (2003) Opening Credits

13 May 2014 - Day of the premonition

Tourism announcer :-  Good morning tourists,we will be leaving for Signal De Botrange hill shortly.Please assemble to the tour bus after finishing breakfast as we will be leaving immediately.

Aaron : Hey,Larry. Just wanted to say that thanks for bringing us to Brussels.Nice way to spend our Summer.

Larry : No need to thank me for that.Just did my thing because we all needed a  vacation .

Aaron :- A vacation away from college.That all i can say. (both laugh)

(Erica arrives from behind of Aaron,taps his shoulder)

Erica :- Hey.

Aaron :- Erica.Hey.

Erica :- Last night was quite amazing.But i still have to manage my hangover but it's okay now.

Larry :- Hey by the way ,did you upload those pics on Facebook of us at that nightclub last night ?

Erica :- Yeah.

Aaron :- Okay, but as long those pics are not those in which we were drunk.What if any of my fam sees this ?

Erica :- Don't worry Aaron.Just kidding.

Aaron : And i knew it.Speaking of Kidding,Mrs.Johanson wanted us to check with us how of us are gonna come for the hills.

Erica : Among 14 students ,it's just me,you,Larry,Jake,Melissa,Amber,Alexis and Ned .

Aaron :- So what about the other 6 ?

Erica : Due to exertion from last night,they fell ill,so they can't come.

Aaron : Shit.(Aaron's phone rings),Guys i'll be right back,it's Meera's phone.My distant cousin from India.

(Aaron walks off as Erica does a cheeky grin at him,Jake enters)

Jake : What's up guys ?  

Larry and Erica :- Hey.

Jake :- Got all the stuff u needed.Medicines incase anyone gets sick,some food,extra clothes.Anything else ?

Erica : Amber.

Jake : Amber ?

Erica : Amber was waiting for you for an half-an-hour.And forgot to mention ,She is really pissed.

Jake : Why did't you tell me before ? Where is she ?

Erica : At that cafe near the hotel.She said she is breaking up with you if you come late.

Jake : Fuck.

(Jake runs to Amber,Aaron arrives back)

Aaron : Is that Mr.Latey-Two-Shoes late on his date again ?

Erica : Correct.

Aaron : Well I hope he learns his lesson for not waking up on time.(Kathy Johanson arrives along with Ned Wilson,Alexis Hill)

Kathy : Hey Aaron.How is it going ? All set for the Signal De Botrange ?

Aaron : Uh,Yeah.But the bad news is Mrs. Johanson that it's only 8 students that are gonna come for the trip.Rest of the 6 are too sick to come because of last night.Anyways,here's the list of the students coming for the trip including me.(Gives the list)

Kathy : There's one student missing right now.Melissa Cooper.Have you seen her in the morning ?

Aaron : I saw her at the sports complex so ill track her down.

(Aaron goes to the sports complex to look for Melissa)

(Inside the sports complex)

Paul : Okay let me get this straight,2 months ago the college made you as the football captain and now you are taking a day off ?

Melissa ; It's not a day off,it's just a hill trip i am going.

Paul : A HIll trip huh ?

Melissa : Yeah.But i am not interested in these type of trips,but if you don't like it i can...

Paul : You can do what ? Tell everyone if you have the guts to.

Aaron : Melissa let's go.

Melissa : Ok.

Paul : Hold on...what you wanted to say.. i have patience for kicking balls into the have patience for what ? Participating in America's Next Top Model ?

Melissa : Listen you schmuck..if i have anything to kick it can be your....

(Aaron calms Melissa)

Player 1 : - Okay,don't create a scene in front of everyone.We're fine for the day.    

Aaron :- Mel,If that guy is really harrasing  you why didn't you tell about it to the coach or the principal ?

Melissa : No other choice,he is the assistant captain,he once framed me for kissing him.The coach caught us doing that andd he threatened to throw me out of the football team.

Aaron :- Yeah,but even bearing it is also a crime.

Melissa :- I know, but   i can't do anything about it.What if he ruins my life.

Aaron : You should not worry about it,he should worry about you speaking up against him.

Melissa : (Laughs) And one more thing ,if you ever go back to Paris to take over your Dad's buisness do one thing for me

Aaron : what ?

Melissa :Take Paul with you.

Aaron : Hell No.



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