(The main characters are seen entering the bus)

Aaron (Off-screen voice) : You all might have heard about the premonitions that happened since 15 years.....

(At the signal de botrange,there is a heavy snowing happening,a loud thunder is heard)

Aaron : Do you feel that ?

Jake : What ?

Aaron : Something's wrong.

(We see the premonition part where we see Amber falliing,a truck about to fall on some one ,Aaron swimming inside the floods and Ned about to get hit by rocks,it later flashes out to Aaron looking around with big eyes and sweating.)


(The clips of the actual floods are shown,the survivors are seen fearfully looking at the landslide)

Aaron (offscreen voice) :- ...and my vision about the was exactly like that.

Erica :- There was one survivor..Wendy Christensen ...(clips from Train 081 are shown)...she is still alive.

(Aaron sees an old news broadcast clipping of Train 081.)

Rescue Worker :- About 48 people including the Bruins teammates were killed but luckily only one female passenger is safe but with a leg injury.

Wendy :- What do you want from me ?

Aaron :- Is there any sure way of cheating death ?

Wendy :- Cheating death is not an easy way...unless you skip someone on the list...get a new life so that death would end in a clean slate...or kill someone to get their years...

Jake :- I don't believe in all we need to cause someone else's death to get their life.. that's insane.

Aaron :- But if we are on the death's list (We see Jake shooting at someone,one of the female survivors falling on top of the car) won't be possible for us to survive...

(we see a huge lanslide waves washing off,Erica running away from someone,a rock almost falling on someone,Aaron falling and rollling down a hill,Jake about to be burnt by a hot taar,Aaron almost crying,Erica screaming and Melissa about to be penetrated by a wrench.)

Small debris are flown around to form the movie name :-

Final Destination 6

Aaron :Is everyone okay ? WENDY!!!

(A metal sheet swings down at Wendy,Aaron pushes her down and it swings back almost decapitating Larry)

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