These witnesses of deaths are also similar to what happened in Final Destination 2 when the survivors either witnessed or heard about the deaths in Final Destination

Samar Rathore

"I remember one incident that happened in the McKinley trip with my co-workers,i was having coffee and chatting with them about work until i heard some tire screeching and i turned back and saw 3 customers (Nick O'Bannon,Lori Milligan and Janet Cunningham ) getting killed by one truck" 

Janet Cunningham Crushed By a Truck


Lori Milligan Decapitated by a truck


Nick O'Bannon Hit by a truck

Nikita Kataria

"Guys when i was studying in Paris,i replaced someone for the internship in Le Cafe Miro 81 ...his name is Sam Lawton ... he died in the Flight 180 crash and also he was the one who had a vision of the Bridge Collapse in New York"
Tumblr magvgsoESN1qasdemo2 500-1-

Sam Lawton Incinerated in a plane explosion

Alvira Rathore

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"When i was 13 my school bus had ended up in an accident , it lost control and rammed into a river, so many students drowned to death and i was supposed to be one of them"

Raghav ;- " But how were you safe when this happened ? "

" I was distracted by a news NDTV was broadcasting about two girls (Ashley Freund and Ashlyn Halperin ) who died due to tanning bed malfunction,because of which i missed the bus. "


Tumblr m8tsd9Sju81rdgesdo1 500

ashley death

Aditi Sethna

" I was 14 when i went to New York with my dad for vacations, i sat at one restaraunt for dinner and out of nowhere a burning plane landing gear crushes the whole bar. No one got hurt except for 1 customer (Nathan Sears) and few bartenders. And thats why i was never burnt in that mall fire. "
Nathan's dead hand

Nathan Sears Crushed By Landing Gear

Raghav Anand


Aditya Roy Kapoor

"I remember when i wrote a really weird article about some Racist guy (Carter Daniels) getting exploded into pieces like a barbecued Chicken Tikka"

Carter Daniels Foot caught by tow-hook/dragged against road/burned/blown apart by exploding tow-truck

Nikhil Sharma

" The train which i was on ran over a girl into pieces"

Samar ; " Was the train no. 053 ? "

"Yes,how did you know ?"

Samar : "The train which you were on killed Wendy Christensen , she was the one who had the vision of Devil's Flight derailment"
Tumblr m01g25MROu1r7zma5o1 500-1-

Wendy christensen Hit by a train

Vishal Gupta 


Sushant Singh Rajput

"At my 11th standard times i remember an aritcle about a gymnast (Candice Hooper ) breaking her back while doing her routine.I thought this one really scary and weird."

Samar (guessing) :- Candice .....

Tumblr mkrcatWNUk1qd6g2co1 250

Candice Hooper death

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