It'll  be similar to the one in Final Destination 5 . Death objects smashing the glass but this time the 5th one objects will be added as well.

1. Sam Lawton

Sam on the plane watching th survivors of Flight 180
Objects : Burning oxygen masks,Metal sheet

2.Ashely and Ashlyn

Ashlyn before she gets burned

Ashlyn being burned alive.

Objects : Slushee glass,bulbs from the tanning bed


3.Molly Harper

Molly bisected by the plane's wing

Molly Harper Bisected by a tailplane

Objects :- Burning Tailplane (Covered in Molly's blood)

4.Peter Fredekin

640px-Large 566024
Objects :- Meat spit,the knife he was gonna kill molly with.

5.Julie Christensen 


Julie christensen Smashed by a train wheel

Objects :- The train wheel

6.Isaac Palmer

Isaac Death

I liked Isaacs Death ... IDK why :D

Objects :- Accupuncture needles,Laughing Buddha Statue

7. Wendy Christensen

Wendy train
Objects : A shrapnel from Train 081 derailment,her smashed body (dummy).

8.Nathan Sears

Nathan's dead hand

Nathan Sears Crushed By Landing Gear


Best Death of the worst Movie!

Objects : Burning Flight 180 landing gear

9.Samantha Lane

Objects : The stone that whacks her right eye,The burning car engine that crushes her body.

10.Carter Horton


Carter, a millisecond away from his demise.

Objects :- The mini version of the Le Cafe Miro 81 sign that smashes him.

11. Andy Kewzer


Andy, diced by the fence.

Objects :- the gas tank that sends him onto the fence that dices his torso.

12.Olivia Castle

Olivia's eye run over by a car
Objects :- The teddy bear without the left eye.

13.Valerie Lewton (Same as FD5)

Objects :- Knives , burning kettle

14.Perry Mallonskwi

Perry after being Impaled

Perry's body is seen sliding down the bloody pole.

Objects :- Flagpole that impales her

15.Dennis Lapman

Death of Dennis Lapman

Dennis Lapman Penetrated in the head by a wrench

Objects :- The wrench that penetrates his head

16.Ian McKinley


Ian McKinley Bisected by a cherry picker

Objects :- The wooden planks that almost fell on him,The fireworks that caused the cherry picker to bisect him.

17.Nora Carpenter (Same as FD5)

Nora's Death - The Body
Objects :- Prosthetic limbs

18.Janet Cunningham

Janet Cunningham

Janet, as she is killed in Nick's vision.

Objects : The shrapnel that impales her in the theatre explosion

19. Erin Ulmer (Same as FD5)


My favourite character!

Objects :- Bloody nails

20.Rory Peters (Same as FD5)

Objects : Barbed wire fence

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