My version of the cllimax of FD India ,it will have little similarities with the FD3 and FD5 Endings

The Death Showdown

After Aditi's death,Samar (Ali Zafar) meets up with Nikita (Taapsee Pannu) and Alvira (Harshita Gaur) at the St.Andrews church in graveyard,where a remembrance is going on for the christian casualities of the floods.Nikhil meets them and tells them about the theories of death.He even asks if Samar maybe the last one on the list,Samar replies that he doesn't know,depending on whether his order is intervened or not.Nikhil tells him that he doesn't care anymore and suddenly starts shooting at him,Nikita and Alvira.Nikita and Alvira hide in the church while Samar manages to distract Nikhil,only to be knocked out by him.Nikhil finds Alvira inside and starts shooting at her.Samar comes and both him and Nikhil start fighting as shots start to fire everywhere while Nikita and Alvira scream and Samar is shot twice in the stomach,he lurches forward as Nikhil prepares to take the third shot until Nikita prowls onto him and fights him but he knocks her out and Alvira hits him with a shovel,and he drags her down.As he is about to kill her with a knife,Samar comes from behind and stabs him with two swords.After Nikhil's death,he falls to the ground and Nikita catches him.She puts pressure on his wounds as Samar loses conciousness and Nikita cries and yells at him to stay with her.

 6 Months Later - New York

London-paris-new-york 133057468418

New York

At Le Cafe Miro 81 (The same restaurant in Final Destination 5 ),Nikita is seen sitting at a bar ordering for 3 Cocktails.It is also revealed that Samar is alive as he walks up to Nikita at the bar,both of them walk back to their table where Alvira is waiting for them with the food.It is also shown that Alvira has a baby daughter,implying that she and Samar has beated death    

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