Final Destination 2 - Final Destination 

  • Kimberly Corman - Tod Waggner - She saw a news report about Tod's death which made her avoid her orignal death where she was supposed to be killed with her mom along with street thugs.
  • Kat Jennings - Terry Chaney - She was the same bus that hit Terry which made her avoid her orignal death in a gas leak suffocation.
  • Eugene Dix - Valerie Lewton - He was going to be stabbed to death by a student who brought knife to school. But 2 days before, he replace Mrs.Lewton.
  • Thomas Burke - Billy Hitchcock -  He went to clean up Billy's remains and meanwhile his partner was killed in a shootout he was meant to die in.
  • Rory Peters - Carter Horton - He didn't die in the theatre collapse because he witnessed Carter getting crushed by a sign.


Final Destination - Final Destination 5 

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