The premonition disaster

 Uttarakhand floods

Premonition Deaths :-

Neha - Drowned when the waves wash her off

Amit - Obliriated by a wooden log

Mayera - Bisected by a metal sheet

Vishal - Decapitated by a barbed fence

Alvira - Body crushed by a rock

Raghav - Crushed by a building falling on him

Aditi - Crushed by a van

Nikhil - Burnt by a hot tar

Samar - Impaled in the abdomen by 2 metal pipes

Only survivor rescued :- Nikita


  • Samar had a tatoo on his right arm which was the number 180 and was written in a fiery handwriting,it also referenced the Flight 180 explosion.
  • 5 mins before the floods , 'Jeena Yahaan Marna Yaahan' from Mera Naam Joker  was heard.
  • Nikita wore a bracelet that has 'Browning' written on it ,referencing Alex Browning .
  • In Samar's room, a gust of wind had blown on a glass of water and it dropped on Dehradun tourist guide,foreshadowing the floods.
  • The bus in which the survivors are sitting in is the same one from Final Destination that killed Terry Chaney .
  • Before Samar reaches Dehradun,he sees a sign written 'Have A Safe Journey'.
  • A man sells 'Evil Eye protection' accesories
  • Samar sees a man wearing a jacket that has 180 written on it
  • A mouse is seen inside the puddle swimming.
  • Samar sees a sign board which says 'Dehradun next 180 miles'.
  • Samar hears a accesories seller shouting 'Bangles Rs.180 ke hai..aaye aaye'


Uttarakhand Floods

Survivors :-

1. Ali Zafar as Samar (Alive)

2.Yami Gautam as Nikita (Alive)

3.Kalki Koechlin as Aditi (Deceased)

4.Divyendu Sharma as Raghav (Deceased)

5.Harshita Gaur as Alvira (Alive)

6.Maya Ali as Mayera (Deaceased)

7.Sushant Singh Rajput as Vishal (Deceased)

8.Param Singh as Amit (Deceased)

9.Rajkummar Rao as Nikhil (Deceased)

10.Tapsee Pannu as Neha (Deceased)

Deaths :-

1.Neha - Spine bent in a stairway accident
Candice.png 2

Neha's spine is bent

2.Amit - Perforated with a screw driver

3.Mayera - Impaled in the stomach with a light pole
Tim's Death

Vishal gets crushed by a glass window

Hunt's blood in the pool drainage system

Raghav disemboweled

4.Vishal - Crushed by a glass window

5.Raghav - Disemboweled by a vaccum pump

6.Aditi - Asphixitated with a rope

Samar before he is shot by Nikhil in the stomach

7.Nikhil - Impaled with two swords 

640px-Large 566024

A wounded Samar kills Nikhil with two swords

Survivors who are alive

1. Samar :- 

Had a near death expirience when he was shot twice in the stomach by Nikhil ...who was paranoid and vengeful after his girlfriend Neha's death...he later survived and beated death because of the "New Life" (when his sister Alvira had a baby with her late boyfriend Raghav)..

2.Nikita :-

She wasn't supposed to die in the floods.

3.Alvira :-

She gave birth to Raghav's child...which made her and her brother Samar beat death.

The song of death

Jeena Yaahan Marna Yaahan from Mera Naam Joker

Mera Naam Joker - Jeena Yahan Marna Yahan - Mukesh03:04

Mera Naam Joker - Jeena Yahan Marna Yahan - Mukesh


  • "Mast Magan " from 2 States (Heard in the radio when Samar is getting ready for work)
  • "Madari " from Coke Studio @ MTV Season 2 (used as a song playing in Hard Rock Cafe)
  • "Chandelier " by Sia (Used as a song playing in Vero Moda store in which Mayera is shopping in.)
  • "Pathaka Guddi " from Highway (A boy in St.Andrews College is singing this song when Alvira enters the college.)
  • "Beating Heart " by Ellie Goulding (When Samar is jogging around Colaba Causeway)
  • "Pyar hume Kis Mod " from Saate Pe Saata (The boys are singing this song while reaching Dehradun)
  • "Thehree Si Zindagi " from London Paris New York (Heard when Samar and Nikita are discussing about death's design in Candies cafe,Bandra )
  • "Habits (Stay High) " by Tove Lo (Played at Le Cafe Miro 81 where Samar,Nikita,Alvira and Mira are sitting at in the end.)

Connections with FD deaths

Samar Rathore :-

Witnessed deaths of Nick O'Bannon , Lori Milligan and Janet Cunningham  when he was having coffee with his friends in Death By Caffiene during his holiday tour in McKinley,Pennsylvania.It even made him avoid his orignal death where he was supposed to be killed in a bank shootout where few people were shot dead by robbers.

Nick, Lori and Janet Death Scene - The Final Destination (Premonição 4) HD02:49

Nick, Lori and Janet Death Scene - The Final Destination (Premonição 4) HD

Nikita Kataria :-

Replaced Sam Lawton for the appretenship programme in Paris 5 years after his death in Flight 180 ,which made her avoid her orignal death where she was supposed to be molested and beaten up to death by a mugger 3 days later,in which her roommate was murdered.

Final Destination 5 Sam's and Molly's Death (HQ)02:08

Final Destination 5 Sam's and Molly's Death (HQ)

Alvira Rathore :- 

Saw the news report on NDTV 24x7 about the deaths of Ashley Freund and Ashlyn Harpelin when she was 13.Making her avoid her orignal death where she was supposed to die in a school bus accident when it fell inside a lake,drowning all the students to death.
Final Destination 3 - Phoenix Tanning-102:33

Final Destination 3 - Phoenix Tanning-1

Aditi Sethna :-

At the age of 14 when she was in New York for summer vacations, she and her dad witnessed Nathan Sears 's death when he was crushed by the Flight 180 landing gear. Both of them disgusted,they rushed back to the hotel.It made her avoid her orignal death where she was supposed to be incinerated to death in a mall fire.

Final Destination 5 - Nathan's Death (1080p)00:51

Final Destination 5 - Nathan's Death (1080p)

Raghav Anand :-

He witnessed Olivia Castle falling from the LASIK room to the car and got disgusted when he saw her dead body without her right eye.It made him avoid his orignal death where he was supposed to die in a amusement park collapse that day.

Olivia Castle Death Scene - Final Destination 5 (Premonição 5) Full HD Dublado pt04:58

Olivia Castle Death Scene - Final Destination 5 (Premonição 5) Full HD Dublado pt

Nikhil Sharma:- 

He was in Train 053 , the same train which ran over Wendy Christensen , which made him avoid his orginal death in a car collision.

Final Destination 3 - Wendy's Death02:32

Final Destination 3 - Wendy's Death

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