Neha Bhatt
Portrayed By
Yami Gautam
First Seen
Final Destination (India)
Last Seen
Final Destination (India)
Full Name
Neha Bhatt
Also Known As
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Cause of Death
Fell from the staircase
Nikhil Sharma - Boyfriend (Deceased)

Samar Rathore - Friend

Nikita Kataria - Friend

Neha Bhatt was a survivor of Uttarakhand Floods.She was Nikhil Sharma's girlfriend and a journalist in Mumbai Mirror.

Neha was the first survivor to die.


She hails from Lucknow and resides in Mumbai since her college days.She dated Nikhil and was a journalist in Mumbai Mirror.

Final Destination (India)

She went on a trip to Dehradun along with the gang where Samar had a premontion about the floods,he freaked out and left along with Nikita, she went along with her friends to comfort him,until the actual floods happened as Samar predicted.She fled along with Nikhil and others. They safely returned to Mumbai after the incident.


While Neha was almost finished with her work of printing few more newspapers,she asked a peon for a glass of water as she was thirsty. There was another peon cleaning the staircases with a wet mop,the peon brought a glass of water for her.Before taking it to her,he bumped into another one which made the water drop on the stairs. The cleaner had put the 'Wet Floor' sign on the staircase,which was later blown by the winds.

Neha was done with her work and was ready to leave with Nikhil for a date. She asked him to wait for her outside.Neha came out of the office and ran down the stairs,but slipped on the same wet path and rolled vertically down until she snapped her neck and spine in front of Nikhil and other co-workers.


  • While leaving, Samar almost slipped from the same stairs Neha fell from.
  • On the Rishikesh trip,Neha said "Believe me,Machli Jal Ki Rani Hai" when Raghav and Nikhil were talking about the idea of fishing.
  • Her IPhone has the Devil's Flight cover.
  • Her car no. reads DL-367180 .
  • The death song 'Jeena yahaan,marna yahan' from Mera Naam Joker was heard quietly.
  • In both the premoniton and real life death,her death had to do something with her back.


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