Raghav Anand
[[Image:{{{Image}}}|Raghav Anand|250px]]
Portrayed By
Divyendu Sharma
First Seen
Final Destination (India)
Last Seen
Final Destination (India)
Full Name
Also Known As
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Cause of Death
Disemboweled by a vacum pump
Samar Singh Rathore - Friend Alvira Rathore - Girlfriend

"If Alvira asks anything about me,tell her that i always loved her"

- Raghav,telling Samar about leaving Alvira

Raghav Anand was a journalist of Mumbai Mirror and a survivor of Uttarakhand Floods.He was Alvira Rathore's boyfriend.

He was the fifth survivor to die.


Raghav lived in Bandra West,Mumbai.He was a writer for Edit Page section of Mumbai Mirror newspaper.He dated Alvira Rathore,who is Samar's younger sister.During his adolescent years,when he was holidaying in New York,he saw Olivia Castle falling from the LASIK building,which made him avoid his orignal death in a Amusment park collapse.

Final Destination (India)

Raghav went with the gang for Dehradun trip.Upon reaching,Samar started to freak out when he had the premonition about the floods.He was among those who got out safely from there.

He also comforted Nikhil after Neha's death along with Vishal,Aditi and Samar.He later went along with the gang (except for Nikhil) to Hard Rock Cafe to celebrate their survival.

He even met Samar,Nikita,Alvira,Nikhil and Aditi at the same cafe after he saw Vishal leaving,and he later got horrifed after witnessing Vishal's death.That's when He starts believing Samar and Nikita about death.


When Raghav got nervous about death coming behind him.He called Samar and told him that he needs to move somewhere else for a better start and to tell Alvira that he will always love her.When he starts packing things,he accidently drops water near a plug point which is connected to the other plug point in which a vaccum cleaner is plugged in.Samar tries to call him up on his way but his no. is unavailible.When Raghav hear the sound of the vaccum cleaner.He went out to switch it off but slipped on a wet surface and was knocked out by a glass plate.When he woke up he felt scrawny and skinny and when he looked back,he saw that the vaccum sucked out his fats,organs and muscles. He hoarsely called out for help and kept on banging on the door before he dies.

He is later found by Samar and the security guard. Samar tries to hide about his death from Alvira but she gets depressed about his death. She even reveals to him that she is pregnant.


  • Nikita got her shoe caught on a vacum cleaner,which implies that something mae of vacum was going to cause someone's death.
  • Samar's drops his coin from the wallet while paying for the coffee bill at Candies.When it lands it shows tails,from where Raghav's organs were sucked out.
  • When the vacum cleaner was on,it increased to 180.


  • He dies in the same fashion like Hunt Wynorski .While Hunt got disemboweled by a pool drain,Raghav got disemboweled by a vacum pump.Coincidently both die in the same order (5th)

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