Vishal Gupta
[[Image:{{{Image}}}|Vishal Gupta|250px]]
Portrayed By
Sushant Singh Rajput
First Seen
Final Destination (India)
Last Seen
Final Destination (India)
Full Name
Vishal Gupta
Also Known As
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Cause of Death
Crushed By A Glass Window
Aditi Sethna - Friend (Deceased)

Samar Singh Rathore - Friend

Nikita Kataria - Friend

Vishal Gupta was the survivor of Uttarakhand Floods.He works as a journalist in Mumbai mirror and is best friends with Samar Rathore and Aditi Sethna since childhood.

Vishal was the 4th survivor to die.


Vishal had worked for Mumbai Mirror newspaper along with Samar and Aditi.He was from a Sikh-Bengali
family background.

Final Destination (India)

Vishal went with his friends to Dehradun where Samar begun to freak out after having a premonition about the floods.He was among those people who fled away from the disaster and returned to Mumbai.

He later went along with the gang (except Nikhil) to Hard Rock Cafe Andheri to celebrate their survival,and on the same night, Amit died.

He met Samar and Nikita next morning and said that he felt sorry for both Neha and Amit and also felt shocked about how were they dying one after the other.


Samar and Nikita wanted to tell Vishal about death stalking him after Neha,Amit and Mayera.Vishal thought this as some 'superstitious' nonsense.He claimed that they may be having PTSD because of the flood incident.

After Vishal left, Raghav,Aditi,Nikhil and Alvira met them at the same cafe. During their meeting, they heard an architect trying to stop a glass window from falling,which later crushed Vishal leaving Samar,Nikita,Raghav,Alvira,Aditi and Nikhil horrifed.


  • While driving to the cafe,Samar saw a shadow of a crane and when he opened the car roof and looked up,there was no crane.
  • Before the floods,Vishal said about mountain climbing "Yaar,kam se kam yeh karte hue mera haddi-pasli na hojaye" . The sentence is similar to two sentences :-
  • On the photo,there was a huge rock behind on top of him,that made it look like it was gonna crush him.


  • His death is similar to Tim Carpenter as their deaths are caused by glass.

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