• Tappy45


    May 13, 2012 by Tappy45

    MY FD6 : Weeks after the North Bay Bridge collapse and the day of the Flight Volle 180 crash and one year before the Route 23 pileup, John Carpenter and friends are at a beach celebrating teir companys first complete building. While there John has a premonition that Volle 180 gears, seats Ext.. will destroy the house killing all of his friends. When he regains from the vision Volle 180 explodes and John, and his friends Laurie Wells, Winton Celler, Coop Holds, Nick and Amanda Weiner and finally Carly and Erik escape the crash. The next day Winton is killed by a falling sign and soon after Laurie is narroly killed by a Bus that hits and kills Nick and Amanda. They then meet William Bludworth who explains they must cheat death six time (as…

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