Okay, the movie takes place at Mt. Abraham High School 10 years after the explosion of Flight 180 where a mermorial takes place. Amber Reagan was one of Clear Rivers classmates and was another one of her close friends, her husband Jay Peters, was another close friend of Alex but transfered schools months before them and five others, May Johnson, Todd Green, Morgan Pears, James Wilder,and Dominic Samules. They plan seeing a baseball game Chicago. They get there by a train that leaves 6 weeks from now from now meanwhile Amber and Jay discuss about having children( first main characters to be married ). The movie then fowards to June 13th, 2010- just one year after the Mickinley Speedway disaster. They board Liberty Railways train number 76( 7+6= 13) during the ride Amber has a premonition of the train derailing. She freaks out and gets off at the next station while her friends go with her. About an hour later they hear about the crash on the station intercom. Casualties 234. Days later Samantha then hears about the previous disasters and tries to warn the rest of her friends who didn't believe her. Ironiccally they take a bus home On Route 23(FD2) where the infamous pileup took place 10 years earlier. They now have to figure out why death is after them and finds out one person is not supposed to be alive...............


1. Body crushed by a large peice of stone( kinda like Julie's death from Wendy's premonition )

2. Crushed by a garbege truck ( the thing that eats the garbage )

3. Chokes on a hammer

4. Falls of a rock climbing wall ( rope snaps )

5. Rammed by a car ( between a wall )

6. Stoned in quick dry cement

7. ( Amber's death a year later after her husbands death ) Falls off a 30 story apartment balcony onto car, ironiccaly she falls onto the same car Kimbely Corman was Driving on Route 23, she saw a Volee Airlines Commercial shortley before and the death's of Wendy, Kevin and Julie are offically confirmed when reads about it in a newspaper ( people just figured out they were the last survivors of Devil's Flight ) and lastly see saw a friend drinking Hice Pale Ale wich took part in Frankie's death in FD3. At the time Amber was attending a friends birthday party, she also died the same day of the Devi'ls Flight disaster May 13th, 2005 ( made up ).

So what do you guys think? please leave opinions good or bad, I spent alot of time on this :)

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