New Line Cinema presents



· Amber Reagan

· Jay Peters

· May Johnson

· Todd Green

· Morgan Pears

· Dominic Samuels

· Jessica Hampton

· Trevor Mills

· Heather Mills

· Cole Montez

· William Bludworth

Opening Disaster

· Liberty Railways train # 76

· June 13th,2010 (one year after the McKinley Speedway disaster)

· Casualties- 234

· Cause- Switched Track causes train to be put on crash course


· Choke on a hammer

· Crushed by a garbage truck

· Decapitated by a brick

· Bisected by a car door

· Gutted out by a chainsaw

· Crushed by a stage light

· Impaled in the eye by a baseball shooter

· Drown in quick dry cement

· Fall from a cliff and crushed by boulders

· Fall from a 30 story apartment building

· Fall from a 30 story apartment building

I added a few more characters and some more crazy deaths please leave thoughts:)!!! thank you

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