May 13th,1999, 287 passengers board Volee Airlines flight 180 bound from John F kennedy Intl Airport to Paris 46 of those passengers are seniors from Mt. Abraham High School. Storms have invaded the New York area as the storm calms flights are back on scheduele . (gueesing) Around 9 pm flight 180 takes-off for a 7 hour flight to Paris, 5 minutes after take-off flight 180 explodes over the Atlantic and is the worse aviation disaster since TWA flight 800 that exploded 3 years earlier. But later accounts belive several passengers were removed from the plane before take-off, one claming he knew it would happen before it did. The acoount made by the deceased Alex Browning who he and his friends mysterioulsy died just weeks after the the plane exploded. This wasn't the first incident similar to this phoenomenon, just a year later the tragic pile-up on Route 23 also took the lives of luck survivors. Later events happening at the Devil's Flight rollercoaster and the Mckinley speedway and possibly a link to flight 180 from the North Bay Bridge collapse just weeks before. Now investigators are asking why do these events take place? and when will it strike agian we asked a Coroner employee what his take was on the situation

BUDWORTH- Well this is something that has to be taken normally i believe- I mean face the facts people die each day our job is to just clean up after the deceased death is everywhere you can't escape it , people died on 9/11, Pearl Harbour, Kennedy it's all planned.

Bludworth chose not to further commet but he hopes something like this never happens agian

Janet Corman- NY1

pretending this was a news cast,

what do ya think :)

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