Months after the events of FD3 Samantha Pears and her boyfriend have borded Train 081 enroute to mid-manhattan. During the ride she witnesses Wendy freaking out trying to stop the train. The train then begins to derail of the tracks Samantha falls onto the floor of train she sees a man (Patrick Samules) falls as a whell crashes through the car (kills Julie) Patrick slips down and is ran over by a wheel after that she wittnesses the death of Meagn Jones who is thrown out the door of the train onto a pole breaking every bone in her body. Then two people (Jhonathan Broker and Jessica Taylor are torn grounded between the wall as they slip through the windows of the tran (along wth Kevin) another girl (Meagan Hills) is holding on tight to a railing when the train comes to a jolting stop the car behind her smashes into the back of her crushing her to death. The train then falls off the tracks completly throwing Samantha and her boyfriend (David Thompson) out on the tracks. After the seeing the wreckage and the bodies David tries to help Samantha ironiccaly they witness Wendy being ran over by the train as t runs over them ending the premontion......Samantha then freaks out and stops the starngers from boarding the train, after that Death will take it from there:)

What do you think????

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