I don't know why but someone keeps screwing with the FD1 and FD2 wiki page, they are literrally putting the wrong information about the movies. The events of FD1 took place on May 13th, 1999 I look back a few days later and I would see September 25, 2000 and on the FD2 page the date was September 25, 2001. So I decided okay whoever is screwing with the information has obviously not seen the movies or probably seen this website, and I did the right thing and changed it to the right information and since then the me and that person have been going back and fourth with different answers and I know I'm right. As of right now my corrections are in place but give it a few days or hours and it will be back to the same old inaccurate information. And I don't know about the rest of the movies but I only noticed these two so far. So I don't know whos doing these changes but If there on the FDwiki they better hope to find this blog because I'm telling them right now " your wrong------and stop putting false information about the movies because you obviously don't know **** about the movies!!!!!!!! " statement finished.

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