Ellen Claire
Portrayed By
First Seen
Final Destination 6 Fanfic
Last Seen
Final Destination 6 Fanfic
Full Name
Ellen Mackenzie Claire
Also Known As
McKinley, Pennsylvania
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Cause of Death
Head cracked open by railing of mall balcony.
Kitty Todd (bestfriend, deceased)

Bell Craven (bestfriend, alive)

Annie Opalstone (friend, deceased) Cassie Opalstone (friend, deceased)

Lucie Anderson (friend, deceased)

"My head nearly blow up by about maths exam."

Ellen told her friend about maths exam.

Ellen is character from Final Destination Fanfic. She is one of survivors from Beach! 80's accident.

She is first survivor to die.


Ellen lived in McKinley, Pennisylvania. She also known as Hellgirl.

Fan Fiction

She went to celebtate Beach!80's Night Party with her classmates. There occured disaster. But she was saved by Lucie's premonition. When Ellen and her classmates celebrates Beach! 80's Night Party, gas station that located there explodes and throw piece of pipe. Then it's towards to impaled Ellen's neck. But Lucie began freak out and saying about accident. Then she was survived by Lucie's premonition. She was cheated death to die first.


She shopping with Kitty and Bell at Mall. During they arrived 6th stories, Ellen sit on the railing of a balcony. Suddenly little girl fell
Ellen's death

She is after being smashed.

and leave her barbie doll. Then Ellen accidentally stepps on doll's head to slipps backward. Then fell on floor of mall to smash her head. Kitty and Bell saw horror of Ellen's violently smashed head.

Her head hit 4th story railing to cracked when she falls. And when hit a floor , her brain popped out.


  • She told her friends, "My head is nearly blow up by about maths exam... huh".
  • She didn't saw warning, warning says "Construction ! Objects falling".
  • Comment on Annie and Cassie's photo at the memorial covered Annie head. Annie's head covered by word "miss". It's foreshadow of Ellen's death.
  • Gust of wind blows her before she went into mall.
  • Ellen fell off from 6 story of mall. it's mean of 666.
  • She accidentally stepped on doll's head to fell off from 6th story. Then her head smashed like she been stepped doll's head.
  • Ellen and her friend drinks Slushee totally cool at the mall.
  • At the memorial she asked "Can you gonna shopping with us at mall?" to Lucie.
  • Lucie saw newsfeed about "Shopping accident of Hellgirl's death".
  • After Ellen's death, Lucie cracks egg and fries it at home. It's similar to Ellen's death.


-She had a similarities of other first deaths from entire series.

  • Fell off like Candice.
  • Head obliterated like Nadia.
  • Drank slushee totally cool like Ashley. Then her friends accidentally dropps their drink , only Ellen didn't dropped her drink. And she, Kitty and Bell asked about shopping with them at mall to Lucie like Ashley and Ashlyn.
  • She stepped doll's head like Evan. Evan accidentally stepped doll's head during he carries I Mac on Final destination 2.
  • Many signs of first deaths from entire series has been revealed. But Ellen doesn't have Tod Waggner's signs.

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