This story is fanfic, and linked other fanfic. In thecakeking's final destination, Character Heather "Nina" Alexander become one of survivor who killed wonder woman x in this story.

Opening Disaster:

Battle of Justice League and Villains occured at the bank. Suddenly, Watch tower's laser ray's control went haywire for blast to the bank. All superheroes and supervillains died as definite sequence. But Robin foresaw this disaster to premonished his friends and enemies. Superheroes followed him to went out the bank, and villains too. Then Robin's premonition came true.


1.Beastboy X (Genno Logan)

2. Raven X (Rasmine Roth)

3.Aquaman X (Andrey Curry)

4.Cyborg X (Varret Stone)

5.Villains X...

Death list:

1.Wonderwoman X (Dinna Prince)

2.Cheetah X (Barbara Ell Minerva)

3.Joker X (Harvey Monrad)

4.Green Lantern X (Howard Jordan)

5.Sinistro X ( Thale Sinistro)

6.Superman X (Kal-Hel)

7.Dane Luthor X (Dane Luthor)

8.Flash X (Barter Allen)

9.Ultraspeed Kid X (Minzi Madrokk)

10.Batman X (Brade Wayne)

11.Starfire X (Koliand'r)

12.Robin X (Darny Grayson)-Visionary


1and2) Wonder Woman (Dinna Prince) and Cheetah (Barbara Ell Minerva):

Wonder Woman X finds Cheetah X in a wooden tower she throws the lasso and tied it to cheetah. after wonder woman pull cheetah. Cheetah fell on the building killing her. when wonder woman can remove the lasso on her hand she aslo fell on the building and run over by a car (revealed that Heather "Nina" Alexander is driving the car that kills wonder woman).


  • Heather "Nina" Alexander was killed Dinna Prince. When she was passenger on the bus, she was nearly revenged by Wonder Woman X. There she was said about Wonder Woman.
  • Wonder Woman X was cursed by Haddes.

3)Joker (Harvey Monrad):

Joker had a mission of kill Balman X by Bazuka. But one toy fell from table to hurt Joker's foot. Then Bazuka falls and hit the floor to shot Joker. Joker didn't escape. Room walls ,ceiling and floor all covered by splatted Joker's body.


  • His joke bring him to death.

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