Portrayed By
First Seen
Final Destination: Death Anywhere
Last Seen
Final Destination: Death Anywhere
Full Name
Also Known As
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Cause of Death
Electrocuted by a rechargeable hairdrier
Mandukhai- Bestfriend; deceased Suvdan- teacher; deceased

(Laughing), you look like shocked by 220.

Saruul, when looking at Mandukhai's photo on Facebook.

Saruul is character from Final Destination: Death Comes Mongolia(Death Anywhere). She was survivor of Tower Helios collapse.

She is fourth survivor to die.


Saruul is Mandukhai's bestest friend of the world. And one of Anujin's classmates. She went to see a movie at Bolor 3D. But they didn't came here.

Death Anywhere

In a Anujin's premonition, she shocked by static to fell on metal pole along with Mandukhai. But they saved from this fate. But death never surrender. She and Mandukhai after saw Kherlen's death, they're appeared at the memorial. After Molorsaran's death, Anujin, Bold went to shamans. Mr. Soyombo and Mrs.Tsevden. They told Anujin all about of death and its desigh. And Anujin knew next people are Saruul and Mandukhai. Whereas Saruul doing a housework at her apartment. Then Anujin and Bold went save them.


She hardworking at her home. When she washing her clothes, Mandukhai called her to pleased her to see her

Saruul, after being electrocuted.

picture. When she went out bathroom,water knob slowly spins to turnes on water (a bath plug is already stuck) and her rechargable hairdrier named Blake Drier moved by vibration and switched on, when touch washing machine door handle. And fell from washing machine in a bathtub. A toothpaste fell on floor when falling hair drier push it. Saruul paniced to run into bathroom. When she came into bathroom she slipps on a toothpaste to jumped into bathtub. Then she was being electrocuted. After she died, Her husband and Bold tryied to openning her door. After they broke a door, they found her corpse.


  • She told Mandukhai look like shoked by 220V. But she forshadowed her own death.
  • In a premonition, she was electrocuted to fell on metal pole, in real death, she was electrocuted to death.
  • When she impaled in a premonition, her shirt raised open. And during her real death, she was shirtless and naked but she wore trousers.
  • Name of hair drier is Blake Drier. This name is Blake Dreyer's one of character from Final Destination.
  • In her computer plays "Rocky Mountain High".
  • 180 comments on her blog.
  • Her birthday is August 13th. This is shows on her calendar.
  • After Tower collapse, Saruul stood on front of High Voltage Warning picture, when she witness disaster.
  • Her facebook name is ElectricDancer Saruki.


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