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    Final Destination 6

    February 21, 2016 by TheFilipinoUser

    So this is my new account from KikoDizon i made new stories lol.

    Angelene "Angel" Anderson
    Visionary, Caucasian. Girlfriend of Ian, emotional and expressive. bestfriend of Jane and Charley, 21

    Katelyn "Katie" Anderson
    Sister of Angel. Caucasian. Ex-girlfriend of Robin , Best friend of Jess. Carefree, Caring, and Kind, 22

    Nathan "Nate" De Los Reyes
    Filipino-American. Boyfriend of Angel, Bestfriend of Toby and Miles. laid-back, lazy, and friendly, 22

    Janette "Jane" Monroe
    Lesbian, Caucasian, goth, ex-girlfriend of Charley, Bestfriend of Angelene and Carley, witty and sarcastic, 21

    Matthew "Miles" Flynn
    Ex-boyfriend of Charley. Hispanic, Bestfriend of Ian and Toby. Socially awkward, big procrastinator, friendly, 22

    Charlotte "Charley" Cosgrove

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