Okay, i have some ideas for some deaths for Final Destination 6. Let me know what you think!

Vision: Ethan Mcaully has a vision of a construction site collapsing, killing everybody and his co-workers. He manages to get everybody out before the destruction causes a hotel in construction to collapse.

Death 1: Kate Belik: Same as Amber Regan's thought death. Kate runs on a treadmill, but it malfunctions and speeds way too fast. She gets thrown on a wall, but a shelf breaks, and multiple objects shoot at her and kill her.

Death 2: Ben Johnson: A suspect is running from the cops in a Fararri, and it swerves around a corner, but it hits a fire hydrant, which then flys, and strikes Ben in the chest, killing him.

Death 3: Cameron Benson: He was working in a hardware store, and a ladder swings down, and impales him with the two ends.

Death 4: Robby Holloway's intervened death: Is almost killed by the spinning blade of a transformer, but Ethan jumps in and saves him before he is decapitated.

Death 5: Unknown survivor: Ethan realizes that there are two other survivors who had survived, and goes on a hunt to find them. He makes it to a carnival, but the unknown survivor is crushed by a falling ferris wheel platform.

Death 6: Robby Holloway: While attemping to escape with Ethan and Derrick Fredrickson, the other survivor, he is impaled and struck by falling metal poles from the malfunctioning ferris wheel that killed the unknown survivor.

Death 7 and 8: Jane Goodwin and Ethan Mcaully: 5 years after the events of the incident, Ethan and his girlfriend Jane board Devil's flight. They sit behind Jason and Carrie, who then tell them Jason's girlfriend had a panic stroke and wanted to get off. Moments Later Jane is sucked out by the malfunctioning coaster, and is crushed and dismembered by the wheels. Ethan screams as his car flies off the tracks, along with Jason and Carries.

Death 9: Derrick Fredrickson: Derrick is now living in Chicago, and couldn't be happier. He then gets a call from his co-worker that Ethan and Jane are now dead. Derrick then gasps as the number on the cafe sign reads "180". Before he can say anything else, a gas leak underground causes an explosion, which also causes a sewer top to fly and bisect Derrick. He gasps once more as his remains slide to the ground.

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